The hallmarking process

One of the frequently asked questions: how does the hallmarking process work?

The hallmarking process consists of several steps to be processed by several Assay Office departments. Each department has its own tasks and responsibilities within the hallmarking process.

In addition to the testing of ornaments and objects of precious metal, you can also contact EWN for other services such as packaging or laser engraving.


You can send your products to us, bring them by yourself or have them picked up by our external service.

The logistics department will receive your goods. After a careful entrance check, the logistics department will monitor your goods throughout the entire process. The logistics department will also take care of the final inspection, packaging and return by the carrier of your choice.

We receive many shipments each day and, depending on the size of the order, we will always try and return all items to you the same day.

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Our assayers work in the laboratory. Assayers can determine the pure content of precious metals in alloys.
The articles offered by you for testing will be examined by our assayers. EWN assayers use the following testing methods:

  • Touchstone method
  • XRF
  • Fire Assay
  • Silver Titration
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When your product leaves our laboratory, it will be provided with a stamping recommendation. By means of the stamping advice, the staff in the stamping room know which content mark is to be applied to your jewellery or objects. There are several ways of applying content marks:

  • Stamping by hand
  • Stamping by machine (pneumatic)
  • Stamping by machine (rolling)
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Laser engraving

In addition to stamping, hallmarks and responsibility marks can also be applied by means of laser technology. Company logos, texts or other engravings are also possible. EWN has the latest laser equipment.

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How long does it take to process my products?

Assay Office EWN strives to return all shipments within two to three working days, and usually the same day, without any surcharge. Urgent orders may occasionally be taken, but our policy is that all objects undergo the testing process at equal lead times.

What are the costs?

The more you offer in one shipment, the cheaper your rate.
Use the Assay Calculator for quick and simple calculation of your fees.

What are the opening hours?

EWN is open on Monday to Thursday from 08.00-17.00 and on Friday from 08.00-15.00 hour.

Which parcel service should I use?

EWN recommends the services of Mikropakket. Mikropakket comes twice a day at EWN. Of course you may also use other parcel services.

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