If the precious metal content of your products meets the legal requirements, a hallmark may be applied to the object. Hallmarks applied by EWN guarantee the platinum, gold, silver or palladium content of the object.

Stamping or laser engraving

Stamping or laser engraving can be used to apply the hallmarkmark. The choice is yours. You can indicate your preference when sending your shipment. If your preference is not feasible, we will always contact you.

Why stamping

Stamping is a centuries-old method, which is still widely used today. A hallmark applied by means of stamping has a traditional appearance and can be applied deep into the object.

Stamping can be done in three ways:

  • Stamping by hand
  • Stamping by machine (pneumatic)
  • Stamping by machine (rolling)

Why laser engraving

Applying test marks by laser engraving has several advantages:

  • there is no movement of material
  • fragile, hollow or extremely expensive items can be easily marked
  • hallmarks of a very small size are possible
  • logos and/or text can be engraved directly with hallmarks
  • the rotation axis allows text engraving on the inside or outside of rings

Responsibility mark

You can apply the responsibility mark yourself before sending articles for inspection, or EWN can do this for you. In addition to stamping, this may also be done by laser engraving. If you don’t have a responsibility mark yet, apply here.

Responsibility mark

Specific wishes

If you have a specific wish regarding stamping, please contact us without obligation.

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