The new way of stamping

By using modern laser equipment EWN can now apply quality marks to any object. Fragile, hollow or extremely valuable objects can easily be provided with content marks and responsibility marks.

Laser engraving

If you have opted for laser engraving, the marks will be applied to your jewellery or objects with one of our laser systems. Laser engraving is a simple, fast and very accurate method as lasers have accurate positioning systems.

The great advantage of laser engraving is that no material is moved as is the case when stamping. In addition, engraving can be done at almost any desired position.

As a standard we use line engraving (skeleton) but on request deep engravings ares also possible (2.5D).

Rotation axis

Through a rotation axis, our laser engraving machines can engrave text on the inside of a ring. Here the possibilities are unlimited. All common text fonts are possible, even handwritten text can be engraved.

Logo or other request

In addition to applying stamp marks, it is also possible to have your own logo engraved into ornaments or objects. Images engraved include text, initials, coats of arms, etcetera.

Specific wishes

If you have a specific wish regarding laser engraving, please contact us without obligation.

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