Hallmarking at your location

Over the past 10 years, EWN has introduced “on-site hallmarking” at several large producers and / or distribution centers in the Netherlands and Germany. This offers advantages for both the customer and EWN. Because we are “in-house”, we can act on demand. Delivery times can be shortened, costly transport is not required and because the Dutch Hallmarks are recognized in (almost) all EU countries, it can be sent directly to the point of sale in the country of destination.

The advantages

  1. Time
    • send articles directly to their final destination in the EU
    • no more unnecessary packing / unpacking of your precious jewelry
  2. Transport
    • no extra transport costs from / to EWN
    • avoiding the risk of damage during transport
  3. Money
    • one hallmarking partner, one point of contact, one price
  4. Sell directly
    • unburden your customers by supplying them with hallmarked articles that can be sold immediately



Hamburg, Germany


Hamburg, Germany

Thomas Sabo

N├╝rnberg, Germany


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