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The Netherlands
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Edelmetaal Waarborg Nederland B.V. is appointed per 11 March 2002 by the Minister of Economic Affairs as legal body as meant in art. 7, first paragraph, of the ‘waarborgwet’ 1986 [Dutch Assay Act]. The main object of the ‘Waarborgwet’ 1986 is, that the consumer is protected against deceit with regard to the contents of precious metal in jewellery and appliances.

All jewellery and appliances produced in the Netherlands or imported and destined for the Dutch market have to be presented to a hallmarking institution by the producer and/or importer in order to have the goods tested on their contents of precious metal. When these contents agree with the legal contents, then the respective contents mark is made on these goods whereby it is clear to the consumer which contents of precious metal is met in any case by the respective article.

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