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Visiting address

EW Nederland
Polderboskdyk 13-A
Joure 8501 ZJ

Postal address

P.O. Box 17
Joure 8500 AA
The Netherlands
Tel.+31 (0) 513 468 111
Fax+31 (0) 513 468 112

Laser engraving

Since 2008 EWN is equipped with laser engraving machines. With this equipment we are able to apply hallmarks and responsibility marks by laser engraving. Due to a very accurate (rotating) positioning system we’re able to engrave in almost every piece of jewellery.
With the rotating positioning system it’s even possible to engrave on the inside or outside of a ring.

Besides hallmark engraving it’s also possible to engrave names, dates, logo’s etc.
The sky is the limit with laser engraving

Interested in laser engraving? Please feel free to contact us.

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